CEDA Dredging Days 2012

Technical visit from the air: Results of drawing

12-13 December 2012, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Please see the names of those 20 participants of CEDA Dredging Days 2012 who have been selected by a lottery for the helicopter flight.

Abdel-Mouti A. ADNOC
Akhtar S.S. Chemaweyaat
Al Murar A.M.A. ADNOC
Amos-Oluwole O.O. Shoreline Dredging and Oil Services
Armstrong Evans A. MACCS
Banyard L. Halcrow
Barber D.J. HR Wallingford Ltd
Dhervilly (2 pax) Ph. SEDIGATE
Eastland A. URS
Jensen A. DHI
Koers R. ESCO Belgium S.A.
Maher L. IHS Global Ltd
Nasser A. ADNOC
Pisarevskaya N.S. Northern Dredging Company Ltd
Samsonov S. Northern Dredging Company Ltd
Shilin M.B. Russian State Hydrometeorological University
Shirokov S. Northern Dredging Company Ltd.
Stander D.C. IHC Merwede

In case of last minute cancellations please advise the Conference Secretariat without delay so that somebody else can take your place.

You can view the video of the random drawing that took place in the CEDA office on 27 November 2012 below.

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Last update: 19 December 2012