A CEDA Dreding Conference

Dredging and Sustainability - How wide is the Gulf?

Post conference tour

May 6 - 7 2008, The Qatar International Exhibition Centre, Doha, Qatar.

Desert Safari
Thursday, 8th May, 1400 – 2100 hrs

A safari in this part of the world means an excursion into the desert. You will be picked up in a powerful 4WD, driven by an experienced driver, and taken off into the dunes for some thrilling off-roading and spectacular scenery.

The drive will take us across the sand to Khor AI Udeid (also known as the Inland Sea) near the Qatar, Saudi Arabia borders and back to our permanent camp in the desert located on sandy beaches. After we arrive at the camp, you can enjoy the view of the sand dunes and the beach; have a swim, a game of beach volleyball, go sand skiing or relax enjoying the tranquility of the view. All this while our professional chef prepares the BBQ meal including soft drinks and water. The camp is equipped with Bedouin style tents, carpeted and with traditional seating, sweet water for showers, and bathrooms.

We  will depart from The Ritz Carlton Hotel and arrive back there.

The trip costs US$ 110 per person. If you and your partner wishes to participate, please complete the appropriate part of the registration form.

The Desert Safari is subject to minimum numbers being booked, if these numbers are not reached, the trips will be cancelled and a full refund will be issued.


Last update: 6 October 2009