CEDA Forum 2013

Dredging in a Changing World

Working under exotic circumstances

Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 7 November 2013

As a truly global industry, dredging can take you all over the world. However, sites are often not in convenient urbanised areas but exotic, remote, desolate or even hazardous and hostile. Even getting to dredging sites can be challenging. So when carrying out dredging projects, you have to take into account widely differing, or unexpected, circumstances – including operational and logistic aspects.

Challenges can be from hazardous natural environments, extremes of climate, risk of disease, unsafe travel conditions to maintenance problems because of the remoteness from sources of spare parts. But even minor incidents – such as a car accident, minor theft, lost travel documents or missing a flight – can have a big impact.

Part 1 - Presentations:
The speakers, with vast direct experience in the field as service providers, will interactively discuss such challenges, the pitfalls and ways in which they can be anticipated and overcome. 

  • Vigorously embracing safety, Wilfred Haaijer, SHE-Q Manager, Royal Boskalis Westminster, the Netherlands
  • Icy waters  opportunities and obstacles in the Arctic, Sebastian Villyn, Maritime Risk Analyst, Control Risks, United Kingdom
  • Extreme remote health care, Ryan Copeland, Regional Medical Director, International SOS Northern Europe, United Kingdom

Part 2 - Interactive scenario workshop:
Mitigating and managing health, safety and security risks when operating in the Arctic – an interactive scenario workshop, facilitated by Hein Baartmans, Director Strategic Accounts, Control Risks, the Netherlands and Ryan Copeland, International SOS Northern Europe, United Kingdom.


Last update: 4 November 2013