CEDA Dredging Days 2019

Dredging Days

Dredging in Monaco: challenges and solutions

7-8 November 2019. Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Kapela C - Egis Ports, France; Van Slambrouck T - Jan de Nul, Belgium

The urbanisation project in Monaco is unique in many ways due to its various challenges (environmental, technological, logistical...). This paper will focus on the adaptations and methods used in order to fulfill all the requirements related to the dredging phase.

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Combined use of silt screens and purposely designed eco-buckets: fundamental mitigation measures for dredging activities in Monaco

  • Land reclamation in Monaco to create the first eco-friendly residential area
  • Among a wide range of challenges: strict environmental requirements
  • Accurate dredging, treatment and valorization of contaminated sediments
  • Dredging and disposal of non-contaminated materials to reach the bedrock
  • Developing specific validation methods for the dredging works

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