CEDA Dredging Days 2019

Dredging Days

3D CFD modelling of hopper sedimentation

7-8 November 2019. Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

De Wit L - Svašek Hydraulics, the Netherlands

This paper will present a CFD model which is capable of fully simulating hopper sedimentation in 3D. The model allows for multiple production pipe and overflow locations to be considered at any desired location in the hopper, and optimal hopper loading and overflow losses can be simulated.

09.dewit_pdimage.png (27 K)
Simulated 3D hopper bed

  • Predict hopper loading and overflow losses with 3D multiphase CFD model
  • 3D information of PSD inside hopper bed
  • Time evolution of overflow SSC and overflow PSD
  • Varying multiple overflow and inflow pipe locations possible
  • Model also applicable for ballasting GBS, and caisson or simulating land reclamations

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