Dredging Makes the World a Better Place


9 - 14 September 2010, Beijing, China

Those with an interest in national development are aware that dredging plays an important part in allowing trade and business to happen within and between countries. This is certainly the case in China where the nineteenth World Dredging Congress (WODCON XIX) is being held. New ways of dredging and handling dredged material are continually being found. These need to be examined, discussed and promoted if we are to achieve improved social, economic and environmental benefits.

Dredging makes the world a better place through:

  • The creation and maintenance of waterways
  • Enabling new land to be provided for industry, transport, recreation and housing
  • The protection and enhancing of shorelines
  • Helping to handle and treat contaminated sediments
  • Assisting mining, tunneling, water storage and the construction industries Congress Objectives

The Congress will bring together researchers and practitioners from industry, academia and government from all parts of the world to exchange ideas and experience in a friendly environment with the aim of showing that “Dredging makes the World a Better Place”.

Wodcon XIX will attract representatives of Dredging Contractors, Port & Harbour Authorities, Government Agencies, Environmental Organisations, Consultants, Civil & Marine Engineers, Surveyors, Ship Yards, Vendors and Academia who are working in the exciting and challenging fields related to dredging.

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