Dredging Days 2015

Innovative Dredging Solutions for Ports


5-6 November 2015, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Day 1, Thursday 5 November

Session 1 - Opening and keynote speeches 
Chair: van Rhee C - Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Opening remarks: Anders Jensen, CEDA president - DHI, Denmark
Introduction: Cees van Rhee, Technical Papers and Programme Committee chairman and Professor of Dredging Engineering, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Keynote address: 'Implementation of sustainable design solutions in port development' by Tiedo Vellinga, Professor of Ports and Waterways, Delft University of Technology - Port of Rotterdam Authority, the Netherlands
Featured presentation: 'Dredging projects - adaptive environmental management and related monitoring procedures' by Gerard van Raalte, chair CEDA Working Group on Adaptive Management - Boskalis/Hydronamic, the Netherlands and Ida Brøker, chair CEDA Working Group on Environmental Monitoring Procedures - DHI, Denmark

10:00-10:25  Coffee and tea served in the exhibition area

Session 2 - Sustainable dredge material management
Chair: Sheehan C - Anthony D Bates Partnership, United Kingdom 

Innovative sustainable management of sediments
Dhervilly P and Bertrand M - SEDIGATE, France; Thanneberger L - VALGO, France; Levacher D - Université de Normandie, France; Houise C - INVIVO Environnement, France; Lafhaj Z - Ecole Centrale de Lille, France

Environmental dredging of a chromium contaminated fjord in Valdemarsvik, Sweden
Pensaert S, Nollet H, Rombaut E and Lepère X - DEME Environmental Contractors, Belgium

Keeping draught depths and controlling sedimentation by making use of innovative geotextile constructions to steer fines and store sediment
Lauwerijssen FM, Stook PJ and Egbring GAR - Tauw Group, the Netherlands; Jansen MHP - Witteveen+Bos, the Netherlands

The future of maintenance dredging: Working with Nature? A synthesis
Sforzi G, Middlemiss D and Feates N - HR Wallingford, United Kingdom

Sediment recycling to mitigate the effects of harbour deepening on habitat - and what happened over the following 15 years
Spearman J and Baugh J - HR Wallingford, United Kingdom

12:15-13:15  Lunch, sponsored by Seatools, served in the exhibition area 

Session 3 - Latest developments in dredging technology
Chair: van Rhee C - Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Application of LNG DF engines in dredging vessels
Shi W and Mestemaker BTW - MTI Holland, the Netherlands; den Boer LJA - Royal IHC, the Netherlands; Contessi C and Zotti A - Wärtsilä, Italy

An optimal dredging process by using new draghead control concepts
Van den Bergh PM and Osnabrugge J - IHC Systems, the Netherlands; de Keizer C - C. de Keizer Controls, the Netherlands

Fuel efficient drive train design for hopper dredgers
Den Boer LJA, Raimond CP, van der Blom EC and ten Heggeler OWJ - Royal IHC, the Netherlands

14:20-14:45  Coffee and tea served in the exhibition area 

Session 4 - Academic session
14:45 - 15:50
Chair: van der Blom E - Royal IHC, the Netherlands 

Underwater sound from dredging activities: establishing source levels and modelling the propagation of underwater sound
Harris KL, Jones D and Marten K - HR Wallingford, United Kingdom

Modeling the effect of water depth on rock cutting processes with the use of discrete element method
Helmons RLJ, Miedema SA and van Rhee C - Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Continuous flow modeling of soil and sand water mixtures
Goeree JC, Keetels GH and van Rhee C - Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

15:50-16:15  Coffee and tea served in the exhibition area 

Session 5 - Plume monitoring and modelling
Chair: De Sutter R, Antea Group, Belgium

A methodological modelling approach to assess the potential environmental impacts of dredging activities

Feola A, Lisi I, Salmeri A, Venti F and Romano E - ISPRA - Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Italy; Pedroncini A - DHI, Italy

Practical use of dredge plume source terms
Van Eekelen EMM, van Wiechen JJJ and van Koningsveld M - Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors, the Netherlands

EcoPlume: operational proactive environmental management of dredging
Mol ACS and Huygens M - DEME, Belgium

17:20-18:00  CEDA Annual General Meeting 

18:00-19:00  CEDA Netherlands reception 

Day 2, Friday 6 November 

Session 6 - Dredging contracts and environmental issues 
Chair: Röper H - Hamburg Port Authority, Germany

Dredging contract specification for dispute avoidance
Sheehan C and Maloney M - Anthony D Bates Partnership, United Kingdom

The value of remote sensing in the environmental management of dredging projects
Knaeps E, Bertels L, Van De Kerchove R, De Keukelaere L and Goor E - VITO, Belgium; Raymaekers D - USENSE, Belgium; Bollen M and Decrop B - IMDC, Belgium

A different kind of Environmental Impact Assessment: assessing the impact of compliance with environmental obligations
Engelen KDR, Read KM and Yzewyn T - DEME, Belgium

Development of sustainable marine infrastructure; public-private considerations on key enabling factors
Aarninkhof SGJ - Boskalis, the Netherlands; Bridges TS - US Army Corps of Engineers, United States of America

10:30-11:00  Coffee and tea served in the exhibition area 

Session 7 - Interactive session: When is your project sustainable? 
Chair: Laboyrie P - Chairman CEDA Environment Commission, Witteveen+Bos, the Netherlands

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12:30-13:30  Lunch served in the exhibition area

Session 8 - Young CEDA pitch talks 
Chair: de Heer A - Chairman Young CEDA, Witteveen+Bos, the Netherlands

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14:30-14:55 Coffee and tea served in the exhibition area 

Session 9 - Development in dredge sediment research 
Chair: Cool L-R - dotOcean, Belgium

The impact of channel deepening and dredging on the suspended sediment concentration in the Ems Estuary
Van Maren DS and van Kessel T - Deltares, the Netherlands

Cohesive sediment research: current development by Flanders Hydraulic Research Laboratory, Antea Group and Dotocean
Meshkati Shahmirzadi ME, Van Hoestenberghe T and De Sutter R. - AnteaGroup, Belgium; Staelens P - Dotocean, Belgium; Claeys S, Van Oyen T and Vanlede J - Flanders Hydraulics Research, Belgium

Tests on new maintenance concept in the port of Rotterdam driven by mud rheology insights
Geirnaert K, Staelens P and Deprez S - DotOcean, Belgium; Noordijk AC, Van Hassent A, Schot C and Rutgers R - Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Port of Falmouth development initiative: habitat removal and relay as mitigation for dredging - a proposed approach
Adnitt CS - RHDHV, United Kingdom; Sheehan EV and Attrill MJ - Plymouth Marine Institute, United Kingdom; Sansom M - Falmouth Harbour Commissioners, United Kingdom

16:25-16:30  presentation of the IADC Young Authors' Award: René Kolman, secretary-general IADC, the Netherlands 

16:30-16:35 Conference chair's closing remarks: Cees van Rhee, chairman Technical Papers and Programme Committee, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands 

16:35-17:15  Farewell drinks


The CEDA Dredging Days 2015 Technical Papers and Programme Committee reserves the right to adjust or change the programme if necessary.

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