CEDA Dredging Days 2011

Dredging and Beyond

Day 1: Thursday 10 November

10-11 November 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

09.00-10.20 - Session 1: Opening

Chair: van RHee, C. - Technical University Delft, the Netherlands

  • Opening remarks.
    Anders Jensen, President CEDA, Femern Baelt, Denmark
  • Introduction
    Prof.Dr. Cees van Rhee, Technical Papers Committee Chairman , Technology University Delft, The Netherlands
  • Keynote address: Mining of deep-sea minerals - fundamentals and future perspectives
    Prof. Dr. Peter Halbach, Department of Earth Sciences, Free University Berlin, Germany
  • Keynote address: Dredging opportunities in the Dutch offshore industry
    Hans P. de Boer, Managing Director, IRO, The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry, The Netherlands
  • Young CEDA update.
    Daan Rijks, Young CEDA Chairman,  Royal Boskalis Westminster, The Netherlands
Coffee and tea: served in the exhibition area

10.50-12.10 - Session 2: Building with Nature: From Legislation to Practice

Chair: Brooke J, PIANC Environment Commission / Independent consultant, Belgium/UK

  • Marine works in the context of ecosystems processes
    Mink FJ, Interel European Affairs, Belgium
  • Introducing guidelines for eco-dynamic development & design
    Van Koningsveld M, Van Oord/Delft University of Technology/Ecoshape, The Netherlands; van Raalte GH, Boskalis/Ecoshape, The Netherlands
  • Handling the knowledge challenge in building with nature projects; lessons from the pilot Sand Engine Delfland
    Janssen SKH, Deltares/Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
  • Sediment and ecology: how to minimize impacts of dredging and create opportunities for restoration on tropical coasts?
    Bouma TJ, Jeuken MCJL and Erftemeyer PLA - Deltares, The Netherlands; Balke T, Horstman EM, Yaakub SM, Tanzil JT, Friess DA, Galli D - Signapore-Delft Water Alliance, the Netherlands; Dohmen-Janssen CM - University of Twenty, the Netherlands; Todd PA, Webb EL - National University of Singapore, Signapore.
Lunch - Sponsored by IRO: Served in the Port 1 and Port 2 Restaurant on the 1st floor, followed by coffee and tea in the exhibition area.

13.30-14.30 - Session 3: Dredging for the Offshore Industry

Chair: de Boer, H - IRO, the Netherlands

  • Taking dredging precision to the extreme
    Osnabrugge J and Braaksma J, IHC Systems, The Netherlands
  • Using life cycle analysis methodology to assess the sustainability of dredging equipment and its manufacturing processes
    Goncalves Castro MB, Holtkamp MJ and Vercruijsse PM, MTI Holland, The Netherlands; van Woerden D, IHC Beaver Dredgers, The Netherlands
  • BritNed UK - Netherlands interconnector HVDC cable: pre-sweeping and rock placement to ensure accurate cable protection
    Vreys MMR, Tideway BV, The Netherlands; Snip DW - Primo Marine, the Netherlands
Coffee and tea: served in the exhibition area

14.50-16.10 - Session 4: Building with Nature: Modeling & Monitoring

Chair: Pennekamp J - Deltares, the Netherlands

  • Ecomorphological modeling of seabed and coastal zone
    Luijendijk AP, Tonnon PK, Ye Q and van Dalfsen J, Deltares, The Netherlands
  • Biogeomorphological interactions on a nourished tidal flat: lessons learned on building with nature
    Borsje BW, Deltares /University of Twente/Ecoshape, The Netherlands; Ysebaert T I, IMARES/NIOO-KNAW/Ecoshape The Netherlands; de Mesel I, IMARES/Ecoshape, The Netherlands; Holzhauer H and Cronin K, Deltares/Ecoshape, The Netherlands; Hibma A, Ecoshape, The Netherlands
  • Monitoring impact of land reclamation on siltation in an inland lake
    de Wit L and Bliek AJ, Svasek Hydraulics, The Netherlands; Frieling JH, Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Field tests and plume measurements in the Fehmarnbelt
     Bundgaard KE, Lumborg U and Brøker I - DHI, Denmark; Jensen A - Femern A/S, Denmark; Andersen TJ - University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Coffee and tea: served in the exhibition area

16.40-17.25 - Session 5: CEDA Environment Commission (CEC) in the Spotlight

Chair: van Rhee C - Technical University Delft, the Netherlands

  • Update on the activities of CEC
    Laboyrie P, Chairman CEC, Witteveen+Bos, The Netherlands
  • CEDA Position Paper: Underwater sound
    Thomsen F, Chairman CEDA Working Group on Underwater Sound, Cefas, United Kingdom
  • CEDA Information Paper: Climate change adaptation as it affects the dredging community
    Hakstege P, Chairman CEDA Working Group on Climate Change Adaptation, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The Netherlands
  • CEDA'sAnnual General Meeting
  • CEDA Netherlands Reception
    Invitation only

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