CEDA Dredging Days 2011

Dredging and Beyond

Day 2: Friday 11 November

10-11 November 2011, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

09.00-10.40 - Session 6: Academic Session

Chair: Sas M - IMDC, Belgium

  • Application of electrical resistance tomography in a sand-slurry loop
    Talmon AM, DelftUniversity of Technology/Deltares, The Netherlands; Schut RA, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Numerical Simulation of Sedimentation using the Mixure Model
    Goeree JC - Technical University Delft/MTI Holland, the Netherlands
  • An investigation of the effects of screen structures in the flow through and around a silt screen
    Vu TT - DHI-NTU Centre, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Tan SK - Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute, Nanyang Technological University Singapore
  • Analysis of a sediment management concept for the Elbe Estuary by use of three-dimensional numerical model
    Maerker C and Malcherek A, University of the German Armed Forces Munich, Germany; Weilbeer H, Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, Germany
  • Analysis of dune ploughing in coarse sediment
    Bots HCG, Offshore and Dredging Engineer, The Netherlands;  Talmon AM, TU Delft/Deltares, The Netherlands; Sieben J, Rijkswaterstaat, The Netherlands
Coffee and tea: served in the exhibition area

11.10-12.30 - Session 7: Deep Sea Mining

Chair: van der Schrieck B - Technical University Delft, the Netherlands

  • An experimental and numerical study to vertical hydraulic transport for deep sea mining applications
    van Wijk JM and Vercruijsse PM, MTI Holland BV, Netherlands; Lucieer PA - IHC Merwede Deep Sea Dredging and Mining, the Netherlands; van Rhee C and Talmon AM - Technical University Delft, the netherlands
  • Offshore Deepsea Dredging Applications and Operational Viability of the Ro-Ro Deep Dredge System
    Winkelman MO and van Duursen EA, Damen Dredging Equipment, Netherlands
  • Hydraulic mining of coal at great water depths
    Huijsmans MGM, Witteveen+Bos Raadgevender ingenieurs bv, The Netherlands
  • Into the Deep: A Risk-Based approach for research to Deepsea Mining
    Verichev S, van Gelder R, Alvarez Grima M and van Wijk J - MTI Holland, the Netherlands; Heeren J - IHC Merwede Deep Sea Dreging and Mining, the Netherlands
Lunch: served in the Port 1 and Port 2 Restaurant on the 1st floor, followed by coffee and tea in the exhibition area

14.00-15.00 - Session 8: Building with Nature: Case Studies

Chair: de Vriend H - EcoShape, the Netherlands

  • Dredging works in the Westerschelde to deepen the navigation channel and to create ecologically valuable areas
    Sas M and De Sutter R, IMDC, Belgium; Beirinckx K and Aerts F - Flanders Ministry of Public Works, Belgium
  • Dredging in Panama and New Caledonia caring for habitats from rainforest to coral reefs
    van Parys M, Schiettecatte W and Cras S, Jan de Nul NV, Belgium
  • Fehmarnbelt fixed link between continental Europe and Scandinavia - Innovative technology to optimise mechanical dredging operations
    Iversen C and Andersen J - Femern AS, Denmark; van Putten E - tunnel engineering consultant, the Netherlands

15.10-16.15 - IADC Young Authors Award and Dreding Days 2011 Closing

  • Presentation of the International Association of Dreging Companies Best Paper Award''
    Kolman R, IADC secretary general, The Netherlands  
  • Conference Chair's Closing Remarks
    van Rhee C - TU Delft, The Netherlands
  • Farewell Drinks in the exhibition area

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